The Chicka Sisterhood

{April 29, 2008}   The things I want to do for the rest of my life

They aren’t usual, nor terribly original for that matter. Most girls I meet have a route in life they’ve planned out. Whether it’s marriage, children, career, everyone seems to have a plan. That’s not my sort of plan. These are the things I want to do for the rest of my life:

Be aware of wonder. I want to walk into forests and revel in the beauty of thousands of years staring down at me from branches. I want the magnificent power of this earth to continue to take my breath away every chance it gets.

I want to read everyday of my life. It was my first love and I’d be content with it as my last.

I want to stay open to emotion. I like the fact that Polar Bears dying and countries being bombed still make me cry. It is important to me not to become jaded in the ways of the world. I am not alright with them, and I never want to be.

I want to remember that the way you treat others directly effects them. Not only just today, but potentially for the rest of their life. Be patient with children, teach them well and give them the tools they need to learn and suceed everyday.

I want my family to be in my heart always. I want to continue my most valued relationships and let them  blossom into adulthood.

I want photographs and writing to be an essential part of my being. They will tell my story when I no longer can.

I want to swim in the ocean at 3 am whenever I get the compulsion.

I want to see beauty in everyday occurences, and never let life slip through my hands.

I want to appreciate love, and not take the truth of it for granted.

I want to smile in the sunshine.

Just the short short of a long list… But it’s a list I’ve decided to keep. To remind myself that there is more to this life than today, and the decisions I make now are what will allow me to be happy then.


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